One of the best things about reading is that books can take you anywhere. Reading a story to your child and giving them the wonderful gift of travelling the world and beyond without having to leave the house is a truly beautiful thing.

It’s no secret that diversity is an issue when it comes to books written for children and young adults, but filling your child’s bookshelf with literature that celebrates the whole spectrum of life is slowly getting easier, with publishers and authors embracing a more realistic representation of the world, whether that’s reflecting racial diversity, normalising disabilities, including all sexualities or challenging gender stereotypes.

Read on for some great suggestions on books that celebrate this beautiful and diverse world we live in and that promise to take you and your little ones on the most adventurous of journeys.

  1. The Colors of Us | by Karen Katz
  2. Sulwe | by Lupita Nyong'o and Vashti Harrison
  3. Ravi's Roar: A Big Bright Feelings Book | by Tom Percival
  4. Baby Goes To Market | by Atinuke and Angela Brooksbank
  5. The Skin You Live In | by Michael Tyler and David Lee Csicsko 
  6. Whoever You Are | by Mem Fox and Leslie Staub
  7. Jump About with Ted | by Sophy Henn
  8. Who Do I See In The Mirror? | by Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu
  9. It’s Okay to Be Different | by Todd Parr
  10. Little People, Big Dreams: Ru Paul | by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara  and Wednesday Holmes
  11. Everybody Feels Shy | by Moira Harvey and Holly Sterling
  12. My Mummy’s a Firefighter | by Kerrine Bryan, Jason Bryan and Marissa Peguinho
  13. Mommy, Mama, and MeDaddy, Papa, and Me | by Leslea Newman and Carol Thompson 
  14. Suki's Kimono | by Chieri Uegaki
  15. Lovely | by Jess Hong
  16. Pink Is for Boys | by Robb Pearlman and Eda Kaban
  17. Everyone Matters | by Pat Thomas and Lesley Harker
  18. Lubna and Pebble | by Wendy Meddour and Daniel Egneus
  19. Pablo’s Feelings | by Gráinne McGuinness, Sumita Majumdar and Andrew Brenner
  20. Julián is a Mermaid | by Jessica Love

Do you have other suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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