Our Story

Behind the brand

A note from the founder, Abi

I’m Abi, the founder and creative mind behind Claude & Co. I started the business in 2016, after my career in buying for a large retailer wasn’t fulfilling my needs and I craved a new challenge and direction built for myself. Cut forward to six years+ and here we are, growing stronger by the day and challenging me in a way I never knew possible.

The team has grown, the range has grown, and our core has remained the same if not stronger. I am really so excited about what Claude brings to the market of Childrenswear and I hope we offer clothing and a company that you want to be part of, that feels considered for you or whomever you might be buying for. My aim is always to deliver that you feel the same excitement I do when we are designing and building the range, the brand, the packaging, and the website - all the touch points show you how much passion goes into this brand.

Oh - and Claude was the name of the cat. In case you wondered.

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