If you’re expecting, you’ve probably seen *all* the lists. The 100+ item list of everything you need for when your baby is born, the minimalist parent list, the when to buy what list, the baby registry, it goes on and on.

As a first time parent, I was (as I’m sure most of us are) overwhelmed with how many things such a small baby would need, and couldn’t decide on a list to follow. So I made my own, based on advice from family, online and offline pals and a little bit of intuition.

If the baby was to be born tomorrow, what couldn’t I live without?

Car Seat

In the UK and many other countries, they won’t let you leave the hospital without one. So even if you don’t have a car, you’ll need one. Plus, it’s super helpful (and also mandatory) for quick Uber or taxi rides. Some will have their own car seat available but a lot don’t.

Cot / Crib

A simple safe place to put the baby down to sleep. They are going to stay in your room at least for a while so, in our case, we went for a travel cot that actually fits in the room.


Everyone agreed on this one. You will need A LOT of these. If you’re choosing reusable, make sure you put a bit of budget aside for the initial purchase.

Basic layette

I spent such a long time on this one. Luckily I work with a baby clothes company and know my way around sleepsuits and bodysuits, but knowing how many I’d need, or how quick would the baby grow out of things, was a different story. After much research, I came up with the below:

  • Bodysuits (four to six)
  • One-pieces (four to six)
  • T-shirts (four to six)
  • Long pants (two to four pairs)
  • Cardigan or snowsuit (depending on season)
  • Scratch mittens (two or three)
  • Hats (two or three)

Muslin cloths

Many of these. Small ones for catching all kinds of things, big ones for swaddling, covering, laying down on surfaces.

Baby sling or carrier

I’ve been told some babies don’t like these and I was thinking if I should include it in this list, however, I was advised to at least try. They might not be into it in the beginning but will grow into it later. Hands-free baby carrying is apparently a god-send. I Will find out, I guess!


Yep, you will need one. Especially if the above doesn’t work (or to give your back a break if it does).

White noise machine

OK, so this one had divided opinions. My mum had never heard of this. Same with the side of the family within the same age gap so I think it’s new. However, most of my friends we SO enthusiastic about it I thought I had to give it a try. Will report back!

How about you? Do you agree with all the items on this list?

Let us know in the comments.

Joana x

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