On October 22nd we opened our website doors in style with a Pop-Up shop and celebration (with a lot of bubbles included). Tons of lovely people turned up and made the effort well worth it. 
Speaking of effort. How did that come together you ask? 

We built the room sets from scratch, painted, decorated long into the wee hours. It looked fresher than a new build. I pinned all images under the sun and decided on how I wanted it to look, and we made that happen.
By "we" I mean me with my incredible family and friends. My Grandpa even hand stencilled the paper bags you all loved. That is dedication. Personalised touches, that people noticed but didn't quite see how much went into it. 
We took over Grays Cafe in Leicester, which is a brilliant open space inside the LCB Depot, well worth a visit. Hopefully we will pop up there again, and in other locations! 
Also. Don't just take my word for how nice the website is looking, check out brilliant new baby magazine Small Baby - for the modern mini, they reviewed the launch and the website and seemed to enjoy it! 
Click on this link to read the article and check out their brilliant website. 

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