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We have all been there – well majority have. The message arrives inviting you to the BABY SHOWER. The baby themed cakes are ordered and the dolls are ready to be dressed in nappies. You’ve accepted the invitation and excited to see friends and family it dawns…what is the perfect baby shower gift for mum to be and baby?

Being that my major interest in life is beautiful baby products – and cats. I figure there is a possibility I can help. Here are some top tips for buying some great gifts (and it does not include a cake made from folded nappies, look to Pinterest for that one)

It was really tricky to pick out just a few things, obviously, the whole website would cater for anyone who wanted something unique but here goes.


Find out if the group are all clubbing together or you’re going it alone. It’s obvious I know but for me I love to get something personal, and you do not want to go crazy over budget if you’re doing both. You do not have to get a lot of gifts, one unique present is better than a ton of nonsense. Don’t forget that it is ok not to get an actual present for the baby, getting something for mum is ok too and would get as many smiles as a rattle. I promise.

 Organic Zoo Milk Sweat Grey with Tobias and the Bear Badger Leggings


New mums love Instagram as a rule of thumb. There are too many incredible too good to be true family set ups and so much woman power that even I (childless as I currently am) feel empowered as a mother. So, consider the flat lay potential and the brands you are supporting, small is good. Clothing is always a first choice as a new baby gift, and it’s a great gift to get. But majority will buy clothes, and it’s quite personal on how you like to dress your future brood so consider the purchase wisely.


If you do go for clothes I encourage something unexpected and fun. It’s relatively easy to find unique brands that offer unisex and stylish dressing. Organic Zoo + Tobias and the Bear were two of my favourites for nailing that look and they are available on the website. Your friend will appreciate something fun – and you’ll get a ton of “ooooohhhs and aahhhhhs” at your incredible gift.

Here are my picks of the collection of baby clothing on the website.

Ultimate in new baby swoon is the Milk Bodysuit from Organic Zoo made from super rich and soft Organic Cotton. It ticks so many boxes, its unisex and cute, it has eco appeal, a slogan for fun and it’s a tiny bit ironic, seems as though the little critter will probably adore milk more than the mother.

Also available are the cute Breton stripe leggings to go with it, and the amazing printed leggings from Tobias & The Bear. It’ll be the first outfit snap. TICK.

Organic Zoo cream bodysuit MILK slogan

£23 Organic Zoo Milk Bodysuit Cream 


Tobias and The Bear Badger Legging on Black

£18 Tobias and The Bear Badger Legging 




Books are a great present for an expectant mother. Especially when they are as delightful Flying Eye Books which we stock on the website. The winner about these books is the feel of them ( yes the feel – they feel and look like good quality books ) and the beautiful illustrations that will entertain the reader both Adult and Child. The stories are inspiring, unique and useful for the odd life lesson. This one is my favourite, The lines on Nana's face. It is a beautiful tale of a little girl asking her Nana why she has wrinkles, and the explanation of how each wrinkle is a memory of her life : It’s a winner (you’ll also get Grandma points)


Flying Eye Books : The Lines on Nana's FaceFlying Eye Books : The Lines on Nana's face Inside


£11.99 The lines on Nana's face : Flying Eye Books



Anything that turns up in a gorgeous box gets a big smile from me. Petite Pattes have nailed packaging and presentation with these gorgeous new family socks. They make a great gift for a new little family to coo over. The whole range on the website is brilliant, the expressions on the faces will rouse a smile even at the darkest of nappy change times. One for Daddy, Mummy and baby.


Petite Pattes Family pack of socks with faces


£20.00 Family Pack of socks Petite Pattes

Petite Pattes Family pack of socks packaging



As mentioned earlier, gifts at baby showers do not just have to be for the baby.

This is my ultimate, present for mother disguised as perfect interior nursery gift.

The Olli Ella Pom Pom basket. Mum can even take home all her new presents in it at the end of the baby shower, yay! All of my favourite people have these on their Baby Shower Wishlist. 

Olli Ella Pom Pom Basket Natural Woven

 £35.00 Olli Ella Pom Pom Basket 



Ensure that your gift is packaged like a total pro. It’s worth putting the effort in. I have had many a customer ask for a package and a calligraphy card for the special mum to be – its those little details that make the delivery of gifts so special.

Remember though – she would rather have you all there than another pot of Sudocrem, so don’t sweat it too much.

Abi + Claude 


Tobias and The Bear x Mr Men Grey Smile bodysuit and other toys Claude and Co Calligraphy Card : Personalised Gift Card




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