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Gardening with kids at the beginning can be a bit of a hurdle, all of those Latin names, fussy plants who like it just right and will tell you very quickly if they are packing it in. 

Herboo is all about inspiring everyone to make a garden, anywhere. More gardens the better in our eyes, making for cleaner air in cities, happier heads and busy honey bees. 

So all of these plants we have picked out are to make it easier and with a few perks along the way to make a happy garden on a windowsill, terrace or patch of earth. 

We've got plenty of these varieties you can try in the Herboonature boxor individually in our seed shop. 


Giant Sunflowers 

It's a real favourite with kids. These sun loving flowers will grow super tall and will attract all sorts of bees, butterflies and pollinators which will land on the flowers giant platform to eat up some nectar. You can have sunflower races, count with their seeds and feed the old flowers to the birds. 

Radish French Breakfast 

A great starter plant for kids, they'll be ready to harvest and on the plate in a salad within a month and give off beautiful colours. Try spreading out planting for every 3 weeks to have continuous radish supply. 

Blue Cornflowers 

Bright blue flowers, that got their name from being found in the cornfield (surprise!), they're an easy wildflower that will grow quickly, produce deep blue flowers and look great in a vase as well as the garden. 

Wildflower Meadows 

A rich mix of wildflowers does wonders for any garden, it brings lots of different flowers that will attract lots of bees, butterflies and other pollinators. You can spend time together looking at the different flowers or spotting who comes visiting your little meadows.  


  1. Watering your plants. As it heats up, keep an eye on how much you are watering your plants, especially if they are in containers. To check if they need watering, you can place a finger in the soil up to the second knuckle and if dry give it a good soak.  
  2. Start small. If you are new to gardening, it’s best to start small to get to know your garden and the plants you grow. What light they like, how thirsty the get or how big they grow! 
  3. Thirsty visitors. Birds and the bees get a bit thirsty; they are great for your garden and having a small bowl of water makes them happy and more likely to stay longer which is great for your flowers and keeping pests out of your garden! 
  4. Protect little sprouts. Growing sprouts, little pests love a good baby sprouts. So be sure to protect them, either grow them on your windowsill until they are big and strong or cut off the top of a clear bottle and place on top of the sprout with the lid off.  
  5. Feed your sprouts – when they are growing, especially in pots giving them some liquid feed is brilliant to give them a bit of an oomph. Once a month should be great over growing period, don’t overdo it as you’ll end up with more leaves then flowers or fruit.  

 Herboo x  

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