Such a 'pinch-me' moment this month. The wonderful Zoe (@zoesugg) & Alfie (@alfiedeyes) who I think most of you will know already, shared the news they are expecting a baby. Which is already amazing, and so many of you will know that joyous moment of sharing your news. 

But second to that, the vlog featured the moment they receive the special 'first item' and it happened to be Claude & Co Milking It. * enter me falling off chair and being too excited for words * 

Of course this has blown my mind. Over one million people have shared in their moment and watched the video (wow) and the Instagram post has 1.7 million likes to date! So to have such an organic and natural shout-out being a part of such a precious moment has got to be one of my favourite things to happen in Claude & Co's journey to date. 

I want to stress, this is not just for the obvious reason of them sharing and having status and influence as well respected people. I felt more importantly than that, it was the genuine human experience of seeing two great people in such a happy bubble and sharing this special news.

Buying something precious as the first item is important, it's a milestone and I am happy something I've created is part of that for them, and for maybe LOTS of you too. It honestly made me cry, because I don't get to see it - and for this one time, I did! 

I wondered how many of you have had that moment? It hit me really hard how many people have bought Claude & Co for just this reason. Sure, not to share with millions of people, but still as precious. 

Some of you reading this may have done it already. Have it in the nursery waiting for someone to arrive and fill it. Maybe your baby has worn it, and once it's too small it is carefully placed in the memory box. Maybe you've got it tucked away ready to share when you can see loved ones again. 

It felt most special sharing in their joy and the idea of your joy.

I think it just goes to show how much of my passion goes into this brand. So I wanted to say thank you for being on the journey with me - and Claude & Co. If any of you have those special moments, please do share them with me.
But do expect me to happy cry....oops. 

Keep Milking It guys. 

Abi x 

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